EarlyBird Programs

STEM & Arts Education for All

Summer Program

The EarlyBird summer program began on July 27th, 2020. Our summer program focuses on exposing children to the world of STEM and art. Through engaging experiments and activities, we teach specific sciences and forms of art with the purpose of giving kids an idea of what interests them. The program occurs twice a week for 90-180 minutes. One day consists of an art centered activity and one follows with a STEM experiment. We hope to expand our program into the school year with an afterschool program; the emphasis being on not just STEM and art, but also on liberal arts subjects.

Afterschool Programs

In the fall, we intend on partnering with afterschool programs to provide free EarlyBird programs. In the age of Covid-19, it has become extremely difficult to supplement learning. Our hope for our newest program is to introduce, engage, and educate children in a fun and safe environment.